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  • Bones provide skeletal support to the body and is responsible for body movements. Healthy bones are the seat of bone marrow & make the basis for the reproductive tissue (Shukra Dhatu as per Ayurveda). In addition to sunlight, calcium & vitamin D are also important, as they all together provide nutrition to bones. Our sedentary, indoor lifestyle adds to the deficiency of calcium which affects the bone health. HerbbyCal, an Ayurvedic formula, contains sea-based sources of calcium, which are very well absorbed in our body. Some of the best sources of calcium are Pearls (Moti), Oyster Shells (Mukta Shukti), Conchs (Shankh) processed using ayurvedic methods and Vanshlochana, the Calcinated solid from bamboo. Digestion & metabolism of calcium & other foods are promoted by Sonth (ginger), Marich (black pepper), Pippli (long pepper), Ashwagandha, Arjun bark & Asthishrinkhala (Hadd-jodd) herbs that provide extra strength to the muscle-skeletal system. Therefore HerbbyCal Capsules are a unique formula for bone & cartilage health.
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