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  • ShieldOmmune formula is a combination of precious ayurvedic rasyana herbs with multiple
    health benefits at body-mind levels. Amrita (Gaduchi) Jevante (leptidenia) Haritaki, Baheda
    & Amalaki-Triphla is a very potent anti-oxidant-Rasayana. Tulasi (Holi-basil) and Haridra
    (Turmeric) acts at brain level and mind Padamkashta (Himalayan Cherry) & Haridra are
    complexion & skin glow promoters Shatavari (Asparagus) is a panacea for womanhood at all
    levels. Green tea fortified with Tea catechins are potent anti-oxidants. All together
    ShieldOmmune Capsule provide a strong shield to our body mind to protect and promote
Incentive Point (IP) 118