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  • Constipation, irregular bowel habit is the result of so many underlying causes. Irregular dietary habit,
    poor fibre intake in our food, poor digestion and liver function, intake of chemical medicines, poor
    intake of liquids, water are some of the reasons of constipation.
    VibeWell is a balanced formula to correct these causes & provide sufficient fibers which help the
    stools formation and smooth passage at a regular time. Herbals Ingredients like Isbogol, Liquorice
    (Mulethi) fennel seeds (Saunph) Sweet basil seeds (sabja) Rose petals (Gulab phool) Triphala-Harar,
    Baheda and Amala are the perfect combination. It not only corrects the constipation and bowel
    habit but also have many health benefits like good digestion, liver function, balance of blood sugar
    and body weight. The combination is a Rasayana for health and longevity. It is not a habit forming
    combination but a Rasayana advocated for all age group person.
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