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  • HerbbyFlax formula is derived from traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and scientific literature of valuable
    herbal ingredients. It is aimed to meet our daily requirement of health promoting ingredients.
    Flaxseeds (Alsi), Sesame seeds (Till), Louts seeds (Kamal-Phoolmakhana) all are rich source of omega-
    3-fatty acids, protein, fibres Alpha linoleic acid (ALA), vitamins, minerals and Moringa leaves (Shigra)
    are rich in folic acid and minerals. Tamela (Tejpattra) os for digestion and regulates sugar levels and
    over weight. HerbbyFlax (2-4 TSF, 10-20 Gm ) in a day and its regular use gives Rasayana effect for
    longevity and healthy heart, bones, skin and many nutritional benefits. It is a balanced formula for
    men, women & children health.
Incentive Point (IP) 25