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  • Dry Amchur Powder: is made from dried and unripen mangoes harvested from tropical forests in India.

    It is a traditional Indian ingredient that is used a seasoning while making curries, soups, and chutneys

    Taste Profile: the Amchur spice powder has a honey like aroma with tongue-tingling sharpness. This spice seasoning can be used as a great substitute for lemon juice to provide a citrusy, bold, fruity, tart, and tangy contrast to the overall taste

    Health and Wellness: dried mango powder is rich in Vitamin A, E, and C content that may help in improving the digestion. Using it in controlled quantities can help reducing skin acne

    Use: Amchur Powder is one of the staple ingredients used in Indian cuisine. It is usually used for tenderizing meat and poultry. Amchur powder is popular for its excellent taste in marinades, soups, curries, and chutneys

    Product Specifications: the FSSAI Register Spice is available in a sealed box of 100 grams
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