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  • Whole Spice: fennel seeds dominate most of the cooking preparations to bring out the pronounced and refreshing flavours.

    The seed spice is a must-have in your kitchen owing to the abundant nutritional value it holds

    Taste Profile: the flavourful, crunchy Saunf has a refreshing aroma and strong flavour

    Health & Wellness: Barik Saunf offer impressive health benefits. Saunf has an excellent amount of dietary fibres that helps to boosts metabolism and is widely used as a remedy for indigestion in traditional medicines

    Nutritional Facts: fennel seed is considered to have minerals, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and iron in abundance and thus, has been considered beneficial for the body

    Product Specifications: the FSSAI registered spice by Chuk-De is available in 100 g pack
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