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  • Jeera Powder: is made from dry roasted cumin seeds. It forms a quintessential component of many cuisines like Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish, Tex-Mex, and Thai

    Taste Profile: the jeera powder has an astringent and slightly sharp taste with spicy pungency. This cumin powder smells fresh and sweet like caraway. It promises to offer same buttery and earthy richness to the food just like whole cumin seeds

    Health and Wellness: being rich in Vitamin E, this jeera spice seasoning may offer some anti-ageing properties. When consumed with lukewarm water, it might help in reducing body weight

    Use: Cumin Powder is one of the staple ingredients of curry powders and spice blends. It is usually used for savory recipes such as stews, meat, fish fry, and sauté vegetables

    Product Specifications: the FSSAI Registered Spice is available in a sealed pack of 100 grams
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