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  • Healthy Snack: it is widely grown in the Eastern and Southern Asian region.

    Often used in various Indian delicacies to add flavor and sometimes to increase the consistency of different curries

    Taste Profile: makhana is highly nutritious and non-cereal food.

    As fox nuts are tasteless or have no definite taste of its own, people often roast the nuts with some condiments and spices to have a healthy snacking option

    Health and Wellness: lotus nut is rich in potassium, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

    Phool Makhanas effectively ease out the bowel movements and can help to reduce constipation and indigestion

    Usage: makhane are widely used in different culinary creations to balance the taste and flavor. It is used in Indian sweets like kheer, custard and in savories like namkeen and curries

    Specifications: this FSSAI phool makhana by Chuk-De is available in 100 g package
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Healthy Snack: Chuk De Sabudana widely grown in the Southeast Asian region. Considered to be a healthy non-cereal food source, and forms a significant part of Indian/Hindu fasting ritual Taste Profile: Sago seeds are starchy and tend to get sticky during the cooking process. They are highly nutritious and are commonly used with milk to make delicious desserts. They can also be used to make savoury dishes Health and Wellness: Chuk De Sago Seeds are rich in carbs, fibre and calcium. They are aslo known to be great source of protein and therefore are beneficial for the growth of muscles. In Indian households, Sabudana often fed to pregnant ladies to prevent neurological defects in infants Usage: Pantry Snack widely used to prepare healthy dishes such as sabudana khichdi, kheer, and vada. It is an ideal ingredient for preparing easy-to-cook dishes Specifications: this healthy snack is FSSAI registered and is available in a pack of 200g

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